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Visit to breeding farm of Lipizzaner horses

The students from the course: "The Biology of the Horse" went to Lipica Slovenia

Today Sunday 30th April the students from the course: "The Biology of the Horse" with Miss Valeriani got up early to go to Lipica Slovenia to see the breeding farm of Lipizzaner horses.
These horses were started as a breed in 1542. The Sires being:

  • Pluto: a gray Spanish stallion from the Royal Danish Stud, foaled in 1765
  • Conversano: a black Neapolitan stallion, foaled in 1767
  • Maestoso: a gray stallion from the Kladrub stud with a Spanish dam, foaled 1773, descendants today all trace via Maestoso X, foaled in Hungary in 1819.
  • Favory: a dun stallion from the Kladrub stud, foaled in 1779
  • Neapolitano: a bay Neapolitan stallion from the Polesine, foaled in 1790
  • Siglavy: a gray Arabian stallion, originally from Syria, foaled in 1810

With sixteen different breeds of mares. They are breed in Europe in three places: Lipica Slovenia, Piber Austria and Monterrotondo Rome Italy .

We arrived at ten and after breakfast did a guided tour the stables seeing the mares, foals, and stallions and also an interesting museum about all the details of the horse. Then lunch and the carriages museum and to close the Dressage presentation in the stadium where the horses performed amazing 

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