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IB2 and IB1 went to Immaginarium

The 15th November IB2 and IB1 with Mr Mantega and Ms Valeriani went to the Interactive Museum Imaginarium.

The 15th November IB2 and IB1with Mr Mantega and Ms Valeriani went to Grignano, Trieste, to see Interactive Museum Imaginarium. The Biology people did a workshop on CO2 and greenhouse effect and the Physics people on energy. Interesting experiences. We had lunch all togheter. After lunch togheter we visited Fenomena the science hands on experiments were we learn a lot of science and then Kaleida an interesting video in three big screens on Size and magnification starting in the outer space and ending in atoms. Pleasant experience.

Elisabeth Valeriani Biology teacher

Pubblicato mercoledì 23 novembre 2016


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