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Three days out in the wilderness

Hi guys,
This year for us has started in a tough way!!
Just at the beginning, after only a day of school, we picked up our heavy backpack, packed with everything possible to survive three days out in the wilderness, and after two hours and half car ride, we started our adventure.
Our destination was 700 meter high in front of us.
We left the cars, made a farewell to parents and we started to walk. At the beginning the path was very easy, but after this warm up the hardest part started!!
We reached Baita Malgonera, the mountain shelter, after about two hours and this was a great performance!!
We were very tired but happy!!
We spent all the time to do our CAS, because every one had a task to do, cooking, cleaning, cutting wood, first aid training...
We almost all survived despite our mobile phones... they did not reach the signal...
We had a lot of fun !! Check it out in the video!!

This was our CAS!!
But, I forget to explain what is this acronym....
CAS? It is a military training? No!!
It is a part of the core of our learning system!! It is something that helps you to open your mind, to face and try to solve real problems, to do something different from what you always do...
But to be more synthetic and precise take a look to this video.

Pubblicato domenica 05 febbraio 2017


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